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Which iPhone App Testing Company?

With the fasted growing form of software advancement in recent history, iPhone App developers need to ensure their App far outshines the their competitors and is of the highest quality. Therefore , high quality App Testing features the utmost importance. This article highlights the main element areas of what to look for in an iPhone App Testing company.

Real iPhone or even iPhone Simulator?

It is critical that your Application is tested on a real iPhone. There are many companies out there that offer App Testing, but if you take a nearer look you will find out that they are utilizing a simulator. Don’t be fooled by any kind of suggested benefits of an iPhone simulator, as they are merely small ‘Safari’ browser windows dressed up to look like an iPhone. A genuine iphone uses an ‘ARM’ kind processor and an iPhone simulator runs on a Windows/Mac platform which will be using an ‘Intel’ type processor. Add to this memory space, operating system and other hardware interactions you are unable to realistically test your App unless it really is on a real iPhone. Check first with the Testing company that they will use a real iPhone in their testing.

Functional Testing

Typical iPhone Apps today include functionality ranging from the simple to the highly complex, which makes functional tests one of the most important stage of any kind of App development. A professional software tester should be able to use functional testing methods to determine whether or not the features inside the App functions correctly. The aim of the particular functional testing should be to highlight any issues and feed them back to the developer, so they can solve it ASAP. An iPhone App Assessment company should be able to use ad-hoc functional testing techniques if there is no style documents provided with the App. Always aim to provide a description at minimum of the intended functionality of the App to give the testers something to test towards, and check that the testers possess the skills to functionally test with out documentation.
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A professional iPhone App Tests company should incorporate techniques like Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence Partitioning when testing an App. These techniques are typically used to test functions of the App where the user is required to input something. Again, check first with any testing organization to ask which techniques they will use to test your App.

Stability Assessment

One the most common problems with any App is memory related issues. When encountered, this typically results in an accident, which is extremely undesirable from a finish users perspective. If a crash really does occur during testing, make sure the examining company provides you with any associated crash logs, as this will help you identify in which the problem is located.

A professional iPhone Application Tester should be able to thoroughly test the particular App while monitoring memory use. This is essentially known as ‘Stability Testing’ and is key to the success of any App. Testing in this area must also involve manipulating the amount of available memory for the App under test in order to its behavior when available storage is low. Also, the amount of memory consumed by the App should be documented back to the developer.

Usability Assessment

Your software must meet the needs and expectations of the customer. By performing Usability Testing; issues concerning navigation, text, workflow and general user experience should be detected. A professional software tester should be able to put them selves into the mindset of the end user/customer. Also check with the testing company that they will report on the ‘look & feel’ of the software under test too, as this is valuable information to give returning to the developer. Good software testers will often build a set of test cases based upon typical user scenarios to ensure the software is tested in a similar way to the way the real end users will actually make use of the software.

Exploratory Testing

Often people expression ‘Exploratory Testing’ as just playing with the App. However , a professional Application tester considers exploratory testing to become an effective form of testing that utilizes encounter and intuition to locate App issues. This free-play testing approach allows the tester to roam through the App applying random tests plus seeking out possible loopholes and worrying the App to find any problems. This highly effective approach is typically performed after the Functional testing.

Shutting thoughts

Any reputable iPhone App Testing Company will employ expert software testers that come from a far reaching background. However , many Testing companies claim to employ professional software testers, when in fact they are cheaply hired students or who have no genuine professional testing experience at all. You ought to be able to ask the Testing company about the experience levels of the App Testers plus ideally seek to use professionals with a minimum of at least six years professional software testing experience. If you’re not really convinced always ask to see the suggested tester’s resume/CV.

A quick turnaround can be important. You don’t want to have to wait days for the green light to release your Application. So ask up front to check just how long the total testing time will be and how quickly any issues found will be fed back to you.

Lastly, price is often a deciding factor on how much assessment an App will be given. Some companies offer multiple programs, many of which can be found under a hundred dollars plus contain a ‘light’ form of testing which can serve as a good sanity check before an Apps release. Other testing programs are more expensive and offer the ‘deeper’ more thorough test and fit more complicated or high profile Apps. Talk to the iPhone Testing company about your App, a professional iPhone Testing organization should be able to provide you with the information you need to get an App tested and released on time, and with complete confidence.

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