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Education Versus Leadership

Probably the terms, such as school and leadership were derived from the word education. Characteristically speaking, many things are implied in education. It covers a wide range of notions and meanings. In this short write-up, however , it will mean one thing to explore the negative relationship between schooling and leadership.

Why we have education, school and leadership simultaneously? What is the need of the three terms simultaneously in an academic or a business organization? There seems to be some confusion, copying or ambiguity. I argue that education and learning in its purest form would have already been enough to address philosophical issues especially in the academic sphere.

Education as a Latin word means to bring out something new. It may sometimes mean creativity, invention or even other possibilities to exercise and cultivate the human mind so as to realize the mystery of life in each human being. If education is after that about opening human eyes, what should be the purpose of schools and the heart and soul of leadership? A million dollar issue, right?

Here is a story that may help to clarify the context. A provident Chinese woman set aside some money long ago for her child to attend a renowned university somewhere in the west. She would constantly think that the best school is expensive as well as life changing. As you may know, Chinese individuals are good at collecting money despite obstacles. When the time happened, the mother successfully managed to pay everything for the kid. Her child attended the best college in America for four years and came back home with the best qualification ever. After a while, the mother realized that the girl son somehow changed in a western style or way of life. He could not really secure a good job in the far east. He could not pass a single interview.
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So his mother had to assist him again and live with the girl for some more years. He desired that he had not been schooled in the west. He or she thought, “The money could have been sufficient to buy a house, a car and open up a new business, had it not been paid for my tuition. inch

The story is very interesting. We may utilize it to explain the situation of leadership. Howsoever one may be a provident leader, in the event that schools are not set right using the purpose of education, there is always a corollary failure. Schools may shape a good character, but cannot produce a kinetic personality. When I graduated, for instance, We came upon a number of things which required many years to adapt and determine. Schools stuff us with package deal of information and facts, and thus the mind runs out of enough space to generate and see future possibilities. As of this, it can be inferred that schools are not being able leadership as well as the main purpose of education and learning.

Normally education should be the basic tenet of schools and leadership. We give education because we believe that mankind has something in your pet that needs a cause to manifest. In contrast, we open schools to form a desirable or docile behavior which is only relevant to a certain political ideology. If this is then the whole perform of schools, what is the need associated with leadership? Another a million dollar query, right?

Leadership gives schools a strong weight through power, authority or even formality regardless their indoctrinating purposes. Leadership has been manipulated to assist schools for a wrong reason. Management may serve better when it is orchestrated with the purpose of education. Without the simple tenets of education, it is not affordable to combine leadership with schools. For this reason philosopher leaders are important in the present times to demarcate the nuance between school, leadership and education. Without philosopher leaders, we will end up in the particular jungle of ideologies and incorrect purposes.

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