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Spotify Ready to Slay iTunes?

Tired of paying for music you can hear upon iTunes. There are other methods out there on the web to get free music, bit torrents, Usenet LimeWire, but Spotify is definitely winning rave reviews from an early batch of betan users.

What is Spotify? Spotify is a brand new software application available in the UK and some other Europe right now which is expected to have a huge effect. Spotify has, at last count, over six million free streamable great songs from most major labels and Spotify compensation plan continues to be endorsed by the major many music studios. Spotify is currently available in the united kingdom and other European countries and word of mouth from users who believe the program plus monetization model may impact Apple’s dominance with iTunes which charges for most music.

The reason that Spotify has had success id that the free version is ad-supported with a premium user non-ad price plan that is believed to be $14. 95 per month is definitely deemed to the optimum price. Spotify allows an user to share their tunes and playlists with friends as well as create social playlists in ewhich users work on collaborative playlists.

From your few lucky US users who may have access I have heard from they love it and is slightly addicted.
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