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The way to Deep Condition African American Hair Properly

Ready for the secret to obtaining long, beautiful, healthy hair? The secret to acquiring this goal has VERY LITTLE regarding the leave-in products, heat protectants, or serums. It’s all in the deep conditioning. Yes ladies, serious conditioning will be the biggest factor in turning your hair around to achieve the dream hair you have always wanted.

Think of hair as a “somewhat” blank canvass (slightly worn, dry, and cracked). You are able to put as much paint (in our case products) on top of the canvass that you want, but without fixing the foundation, you will still see the cracks plus splits from underneath the paint. Exactly what I’m trying to say is, females, don’t expect your hair to look the you want it to without initial deep conditioning your hair to get this into a healthy state. If I designed my hair without deep fitness or without deep conditioning by using the methods described in this article (will address this later), after that my hair would be one huge frizz ball that was also broken, unhealthy, extensively dry and brittle with tons of breakage.

How do you understand if you are properly conditioning? Does your locks feel like butter (literally) after a deeply conditioning session and after your serious conditioner is rinsed out? Is your hair so moisturized after deeply conditioning that you don’t need to add moisturizer for a few days? If so, congratulations. You’ve done it. You have found the appropriate products for your hair type and they are utilizing the correct techniques (duration, environment) to apply the deep conditioner to your hair. If not, please read on.

Don’t worry If your hair currently does not feel silky smooth after serious conditioning, keep reading and in no type at all, you hair will begin to turn around. All hair is unique. Just because it is common (or the directions instruct you) to deep condition for 15 -30 minutes, doesn’t mean that is exactly what your hair needs. You should deep problem until your hair tells gives you signals that it has absorbed enough humidity. Think of your hair’s moisture needs in terms of hunger. There are times our bodies the hungrier than other times, depending on if we just exercised, had a meal filled with fiber, or maybe we skipped food intake or two. The fact of the issue is that our hunger and how a lot our body needs to eat varies. The same applies with how much moisture is needed for our hair.

Did you use the hair dryer a lot this week? Was the weather huge frizzy so you had to use the flat iron a little more than you wanted? Did your hair feel excessively brittle? Nicely each aforementioned scenario should be addressed differently when the time comes to serious condition.

PRODUCTS: The most crucial step in the particular deep conditioning process is selecting the most appropriate product for you hair type. Be sure you read the label. If the direction say to leave on for 2-5 a few minutes and rinse%u2026. THIS IS NOT A DEEP CONDITIONER, it is a rinse out conditioner that coats the hair shaft, not penetrate it). If the product is a true deep conditioner, the directions can state to leave on to get 15 -20 minutes. The product, specifically for women of color, should be additional moisturizing. I prefer natural-based products because the ingredients that penetrate the hair shaft help keep your hair healthier for a longer period of time. Natural ingredients are always better.
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HEAT/NO TEMPERATURE: There are really two methods to strong condition properly.

#1) Using immediate heat (with a hooded dryer/or heat cap) with either dry/wet hair, apply a plastic cover, and underneath the dryer until nice hair feels moisturized OR

#2) The Non-Heat (even though you really are making use of heat, but it’s like cheating) In order to do this, you need to apply your own deep conditioner to dry tresses, apply a plastic cap, use a turbie twist (or locks wrap to secure in place) and go to bed. The next morning shampoo away. While you were sleeping, the heat from the scalp and body produced natural heat underneath the plastic cap. From the great way to save time and not spending your precious moments of free period underneath a noisy dryer.

LENGTH: I remember when I would shampoo, deep condition (for like 15 – 20 minutes) and take my hair out of the plastic, it would think that I just put a rinse out there conditioner in my hair, it sensed decent, but not silky smooth plus moisturized, not buttery… but I still thought that since I “deep conditioned” for the recommended time, that my hair should be moisturized. Not True. After my hair dried, it came out as a dry, frizzy mess and am would wonder why. When you take your hair out of the plastic cap/saran cover etc, your hair should feel smooth smooth even before you rinse anything at all out. If it does not, it nevertheless has some more “marinating” to do. Because I’ve stressed over and over again, deep health and fitness on dry hair -overnight- is usually my method of choice, what my hair loves, and I can finally guarantee that I will have a good hair day.

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