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Elder Care – Cars and Transport

Taking the car away can be a traumatic experience for a senior, especially one who is usually independent and equates it for their freedom, mobility, and ability to perform. When they lose their driving capacity, car or license it can almost be as mentally detrimental because losing a spouse, say several psychologists. Still, the statistics despise, that AAA stated that folks which are over 85 years old have more fatal accidents than teenagers.

You see, they will get into dangerous situations, and have slower reflexes to get them out of harm’s way to avoid an accident. One of the huge contributing factors is the problem with older people and their eyesight, night time eyesight can be a real problem. If you have an old senior relative, you need to be on the lookout watching for signs that it’s time to intervene.
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Rather than taking the car away, is actually better to figure out ways to prevent the have to drive so much. For instance, maybe they can do more shopping online, or think about hiring transportation services at night. One particular smart idea is to get them associated with carpooling to church, having somebody pick them up. Often churches understand this and can assist with volunteers.

When you have an event, why not pick them up for family outings. You must understand that there are insurance issues, and limitations to liability, and one bad incident caused by them, or even partially at fault can result in huge lawsuits. Not to mention the point that they caused injury to others. One good clue that it’s time to get involved will be when you see car damage on several sides, indicating that they have a real problem.

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