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Communicating Customer Service Standards to Your Employees

Enforcing company standards isn’t an easy work, but it’s an important job. Employees interact with customers, employees, and supervisors on a daily basis, and they need guidance on the actual company expects from them. Therefore , it’s important that customer service standards are clear and reinforced creating happy customers, happy employees, and increase company growth.

Employees (including supervisors, owners, and CEOs) wake up every early morning wanting to do a good job at work, plus usually, supervisors have a good idea regardless of whether their employees are providing outstanding customer service. Are standards set inside the company for both supervisors plus staff to follow? Is it in writing? It may simply be included in the job description. For example , “Must be able to converse with people and employees, in person or over the device in a courteous, professional, and effective way. ”

Once establishing a typical (or job duty), it is important to reinforce them. The following are some examples you can use:

1 ) Real-Life Examples. Give them real-life types of great customer service and tie it into the standards set by the business.

2 . Video/YouTube. Show them a video, plus tell them that this is what the company desires from the employees.

3. One-On-One. Talk to employees one-on-one and let them know how they may improved on customer interactions. Provide them with examples of excellent service to just take with them.

4. Take Action. When you witness or overhear a negative customer service interaction, pull the employee aside (you decide whether to step in straight away or if it can wait before the customer has left) and show the employee how they could have handled the situation differently, and explain the company expectations. Sometimes, the employee only need to hear… “It’s the customer that pays your paycheck, ” or “what would you do if you were treated this way” by another company to bring them back to reality.

5. Great Service. If you are aware of positive experience, share it with employees. This gives an example of what the business expects and reinforces the standards. You don’t have to do this every time an employee does a great job (because it is their job to give excellent service), but it’s nice to hear it every now and then.
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Customers matter! They want the best service possible, and if they get it, they are going to spread the word to others. This can help the company grow and everyone wins!

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