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Where to begin a Job Search

Searching for a new job, especially after a redundancy for many can be a very daunting potential client for many. For some people it may be the first time they are job searching in several years and they also can find it is very different today.

The times when you could just walk into the task centre and view the advertisements or looking in the local newspaper on a particular day when they publish their work opportunities section are gone. These are still choices when it comes to searching for jobs but nowadays there are now so many other methods utilized by employers and recruitment consultants to advertise jobs and with many vacancies not featuring in the more commonly viewed types of advertising. With high unemployment and lots of people changing jobs regularly competitors is often fierce so if you want to have the best chance of securing that job you will need to look in the right places and also to plan how to effectively conduct your work search.

The internet has virtually replaced the traditional newspaper or magazine and journal adverts, this is nothing brand new, it has been this way for many years. Most people will certainly be aware of the well known job boards and will often begin here or maybe focus their entire search on these sites. These popular sites will have a substantial and varied number of live work vacancies from both employers plus from employment agencies, by signing up with these sites and up loading a CV and profile employers and recruiters can also view and contact job seekers directly with their vacancies, some of these may not be otherwise advertised. Depending on the area and profession you are looking for, it can be feasible to find several vacancies each day which may be suitable, but as you would expect, these sites will have huge numbers of active job seekers and they will be applying for the same vacancies so unless you really stick out you may miss out.

Job advertising is an extremely competitive industry, so as you would anticipate there are a lot of sites out there including many smaller internet job boards who will not attract the same number of businesses advertising job vacancies. These sites won’t have the same number of visitors so much less competition for each job.
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By carefully looking through page after web page of search engine results for job boards or by searching with key phrases such as job titles or industrial sectors you can come across these sites. Obviously some will not be worth registering with because of the low number of vacancies or they might contain unsuitable or out dated possibilities but often these sites can be a good source of unique vacancies.

The past few years have seen an explosion in social media sites and now many businesses are using these websites to promote their company, their products plus services but also for recruitment. Employers and agencies will often advertise their opportunities using social media sites and you can find out more about the company than you would by simply viewing an advert or their website. By following, liking or becoming a friend of the company you are showing an interest within the company, not just in getting a job.

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