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Cleaning Residential Concrete Floors – Helpful Tips

Cement floors provide a stable and long-lasting solution, but are often exposed to a lot more grime, contamination and damage than other types of flooring. Cleaning home concrete floors, both interior and garages, takes a specific approach plus regular maintenance is necessary to keep all of them in the best possible condition, preserving their particular uniform look. That is especially the situation with stained and textured concrete floors that are quite popular as floors for certain types of premise.

General servicing tips

Whenever using a wet cleaner, make sure you rinse it well soon after and let it dry out before placing it away. Store the mop in the cool and dry place. Replace the mop heads as often as required. Avoid leaving a wet mop inside the bucket.

Interior concrete floors

Sweep the floor once a week or more, when needed. Use a dry mop for that daily maintenance routine. Vacuuming the floor when it’s dry is a good addition to the weekly sweeping. Use a canister kind dry vac for best results.

To clean sticky grime, use a warm wet mop. The warm water helps lift up substances off the floor. Rinse the mop often during the treatment. You can also use a steam machine, yet avoid the commercial ones which have deep clean capabilities, with a shampoo-type function often included.

Concrete floors in garages

When working on your vehicle or operating with automobile oils, location cardboard sheets or scrap newspaper on the floor to help catch any spills and prevent contamination of the floor. Anytime that happens, pack up and seal the soaked up paper in a plastic handbag, then treat it as a toxic garbage.

If spills of a windshield fluid occurs, rinse the floor with water and use a wet mop to wash it out. Let fresh air go into the garage occasionally possible and allow the wet concrete surface to dry out.

Sticky grime can be removed with the use of a high pressure water sprinkler/sprayer and a stiff bristle broom. After the strength sprayer does its job and the floor dries up, follow up simply by sweeping the spot with the broom, getting rid of off any dirt that’s remaining.
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You can use a larger wet vac in between to take care of standing water and particles.

One last thing, keep an eye for issues on your concrete floors regularly. Any cracks should be cleaned up with a tough wire brush or a stiff cable wheel attached to a drill, after that patched up and sealed accordingly.

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