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Each day In the Life Of An Average New iphone User

It can be difficult to imagine how a single device like the Apple iPhone can radically change your lifestyle, until you are introduced in to your virtual future self.

Fast forward a year into the near future…

Ring, ring, it’s early in the morning as well as your favorite song is blaring from your own Apple iPhone.
You pick it up and the iPhone’s sensors detect your touch and the screen lights up, showing you the time.

As you rise up from bed, you step into the bathroom to get read, and you set your playlist to play your favorite tunes as you obtain ready for work.

As you step into the subway, you plug your headphone through the 3. 5mm headphone jack into the iPhone and flip the unit to its horizontal orientation. While the other commuters are staring at the ceiling, or blankly at each other, you’re sitting there laughing quietly as you catch last evening’s sitcom on the iPhone’s generous 3.
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5 inch screen.

You receive a beep on your iPhone, and you pause this program to receive the call.
Turns out your friend Jill has arranged a special birthday surprise for your mutual friend, Holly.

Taking down the details, you flip briefly to your iPhone schedule and mark the date in your diary.
Finishing the call, you switch back to finishing up the sitcom.

As you head into the office, your iPhone beeps, it’s your secretary.

“The boss is waiting for you”, she says.

It’s a hectic day ahead and as you step into the elevator headed for the 50th floor, you decide to make the most of your time and check the list of voicemails listed on the iPhone’s Visual Voicemail panel.

You delete a few unnecessary ones from the listing and tune in to the 7th message from your little niece.

It’s hard to imagine the times when you had to listen to the voicemails one at a time. Now you can check out the callers utilising the Caller ID function and delete them immediately, saving you previous time.

As you step into your working environment, your secretary walks in.

“The PABX is on the fritz, you’ll need to establish the conference call”.

So you pull out your trusty iPhone, set up the conference call function and you’re soon talking to London and Tokyo at the same time.

“Hey” says your boss, “Isn’t the office PABX on the fritz? How’re you able to dial in and put up the conference? ”

“Simple, boss, my iPhone has got it all settled”

“I must get one of those” he says “I heard they can pretty much do everything”

“Pretty much” you say, as you finish up the call.

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