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Waiting For New Web Development Breakthroughs

Choosing an area of expertise is a key question for a web development professional. First choice is made at the dawn of the career, but it doesn’t mean that the path one has once taken must be kept forever. Sometimes it is better to re-evaluate your priorities. Don’t you want to join most advanced and promising niches?
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As world’s major web application platforms compete with each other, some of them come to the top while some others are driven back and consumed by their more successful rivals. Reasons may vary but in general more advanced and user-friendly solutions are winning in this race due to gaining more consumer recognition.

Standards are changing really fast in web development. This evolutionary process is in a great deal influenced by customer pool. New devices and new platforms gain popularity causing solutions providers to deal with it. So each innovation in hardware, software, or web development field results in chain reaction worldwide – new devices require new operating systems, new platforms need new web development products, and new trends and fashions make users long for new smarter apps. That’s just life!

Since mobile applications development branch is at the edge of the whole web development industry, the level of competition is overwhelming here. Many prominent solutions providers work hard to get richer market shares and to move along with strongest trends. Of course, all they may anticipate some success as the demand is very high worldwide. Still, mobile devices consumers are rather sensitive to quality of service today. People are used to high standards of mobile devices and smart multifunctional solutions and they always want more. So you’ll need lots of efforts and creativity in order to amaze your target audience.

Along with swift progress in mobile software solutions, most of major mobile platforms and solutions become more and more complex, which, on the other hand, tends to make them more similar to each other. Many industry experts speak about gradual decrease of differences between major products of the leading mobile solutions providers. Android, iOs and WindowsPhone smartphones have much in common. As a result, a user is most likely to choose certain model due to his or her loyalty to the corresponding brand. Something really new and awesome is needed to make this user choose other brand. So, what should a modern mobile solutions provider undertake in order to enlarge his consumer pool dramatically?

Of course there’s no reason to talk about crisis of concepts in the mobile development or web development industries. Lots of new applications and versions are introduced to the public each day. Also, better memory, operability and compatibility standards appear on a regular basis. Still we can point at a certain general tendency – there were no really big changes during the last couple of years. The concept of smartphone remains mostly the same as it was formed about a decade ago.

Evolution never stops, so we can be sure that brand new concepts will appear in the nearest future. What exactly will major market players propose? Most possibly, next step will be taken in the direction of further platform integration. Unified mobile device supporting several mobile operating systems and maintaining all types of network access would be a nice solution. The latest Samsung Galaxy Note product is definitely this trend’s representative, as it has both smartphone and tablet features.

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