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How to pick a Suitable Low-Level Laser Therapy to Cure Your Hair Loss?

Within my previous article, I have talked about how low-level laser therapy can help you resolve your hair loss problems. To continue upon, in this article, I am going to discuss in more details what kind of hair loss problems are the best candidates for low-level laser therapy. Furthermore, I am going to show you which kind of laser treatments are available at the moment.

Basically, the best applicants are people with genetic induced pattern baldness.
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You should also know that this procedure works best when the area that you are going to target is not really completely bald. Since most hair loss problems in men almost always lead to baldness, this procedure is more suitable for women. Hair loss problems in women generally result in the thinning of curly hair around the scalp. This is why this procedure works better in women. Recent studies show that you could further optimize the procedure by merging Minoxidil (topical over the counter hair loss medication) and Finasteride with low-level laserlight therapy. Unfortunately, if you decide to use this treatment, you have to continue the therapy in order to keep hair growing, because the results are only temporary.

Before you decide to treat your hair loss problem with laserlight therapy, you should consult with a physician who has an expertise in diagnosing what causes hair loss problems. This way, you may understand if there are better alternatives that you could take to get the best result. Sometimes, your physician will also recommend combination therapy to enhance the effect of the laser therapy. Once you get the green light for laser therapy, you may choose to do it in the physician’s office or at home.

If you do it under the physician supervision, you should have to sit on a machine like the hair dryer at the hair salon. Usually, you will undergo the treatment two or three times per week for the first six weeks, then once a week for the next sixteen weeks. Every session usually lasts around twenty minutes. There are several advantages to having the process done in the doctor’s office:

– you will get stronger laser
– you will definitely get precise amount of laser
– you might have an expert who monitors your outcomes
– it is so much easier to allow doctor do the procedure for you

Regarding disadvantages, they are:

– the need to depart the comfort of your home to get the procedure done
: you will need to return to your doctor’s workplace multiple times
– generally, it will be more costly than if you do it yourself

In case for some reasons you are not willing to do the procedure in the doctor’s office, you might like to consider purchasing hand-held home make use of laser. Generally, these hand-held gadgets will cost you around $300-$500, but it remains way cheaper than if do your own treatments in the doctor’s office. The primary advantages of using this hand-held devices are:

– It is more convenient to do it yourself at home
– you can save a great deal of cash
– the device may allow the laser beam to better reach your scalp

Purchasing such devices, you should also consider the main drawbacks:

– you may get bored of doing the particular treatments several times a week
– you might forget to do the regular treatments
— it will be more difficult for you to monitor the outcomes that you get

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