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Economical Scales

Some of the economical scales are Mass load DS Series Crane scale, Intelligent weighing JW Series scale, Intelligent weighing XM series Scale, Intelligent weighing Portable bench scale PM Series scale, Intelligent weighing UFM Series Scale N.T.E.P Bench scales, Intelligent weighing stainless steel Bench scale FS series, Intelligent weighing High precision counting scale SAC series. Mass load DS Series Crane scale has certain features like low battery indication, auto sleep, and simple wireless control, can be calibrated in either lbs or kgs. It has capacities ranging between 10,000 kg-20,000kg.

Intelligent weighing JW series scale has certain benefits like uses less counter space, flexibility of operation, allows for formulation preparation, connects to computers, ensures accuracy, conserves battery power, protects against drafts, ensuring stability of reading, has a battery which lasts for minimum of 100 hours, enables animal weighing or weighing in poor environments. The features of JW series are it is percent function, low battery indicator, wide angle LCD display and backlight, zero tracking, counting function, low profile, compact size, has a draft shield on 250 g, 500g, and 1000g models.

The models of Intelligent weighing XM series scale are XM-3000, XM-6000, XM-15K and XM-30K. Some of the benefits of XM series are flexibility of operation, portability, withstand harsh industrial operation, conserves battery power, and ensures accuracy, keeps scale clear from contamination, alerts you to change the battery, saving downtime. The features include low battery indicator, adjustable feet, Auto calibration function, low profile, compact size, can be read in grams, pounds, external power adapter, Auto zero tracking, Heavy duty construction with overload and under load stops.

Intelligent weighing Portable bench scale PM series scale come in different models. Some of them include PM-30, 60 and 150. Some of the benefits include it can withstand harsh industrial operation, flexibility of operation, conserves battery power, alerts you to change the battery, can be seen from a wide viewing range in sunshine, ideal for outdoor use. Some of the features include accumulation function, low battery indicator, wide angle LCD display, and selectable auto tare function, adjustable feet, automatic power save. The FS-Series come in different models like FS-60, FS-150, and FS-300. FS-60 has a capacity of 60 kg/132 lb; FS-150 has a capacity of 150 kg/330 lb and FS-300 has a capacity of 300kg/660 lb.
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Some of the major benefits include improved water and dust resistance spray down capable, enables bulky objects to be weighed, and conserves battery power.

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