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As being a Freelance Web Designer – Pros and Cons

Being a freelance web designer in Sydney, or some kind of city for that matter, is tough. There are several pros and cons which I’ll try and protect in this article. Over 10 years of doing work in Sydney, I have come across a number of elements which may help you, if you are (or you might be thinking of) becoming a freelance web design service.

Pros of being a Freelance Web design service in Sydney

You can be your own employer – Being your own boss could be a great thing. You make your own hours… you answer to yourself and you select which clients you work with. As being a freelance web designer means you also have to be very disciplined. You need to push you to ultimately get the work done, but also make sure you aren’t overdoing it, and operating all hours of the day and night. Most freelance web designers I know experience the latter! Taking regular breaks and finishing at a reasonable hour is really as important as making sure you start operate the morning and don’t slack off.

You can choose your clients – Being able to choose the client you use means that, most of the time, you are working on work opportunities that you enjoy. I’m sure most web-site designers have worked for a client they just don’t click with. It makes for a long, tedious process during the project and is not fun to work on. An online designer and their client should have an understanding that they’re working together. If they are constantly bumping heads and clashing upon ideas, it will make the job hard to work on. So , my point is… as a freelance web designer in Sydney, you don’t have to work for those clients. Select clients that you will enjoy working with. By doing this you enjoy your work, create a better style and the client gets a better result.

You can charge what you want – This particular statement is not totally true… you can only charge what you’re worth and, more to the point, what the client considers you’re worth! However , if you are an experienced designer you have the freedom in order to charge clients what you are willing to work for. Some jobs may be tedious and never very enjoyable to work on, therefore , charge more for those projects compared to what you would for something that is thrilling for you. It’s totally up to you.

You have creative freedom – Having creative independence is vital when working on a project, as every freelance web designer should know. Style comes from within and it is all still left to interpretation by the viewer. You must have freedom to create something from absolutely nothing as you see it. Being your own employer means you don’t have any marketing department or micro manager analysing your own every move. You are free to style to your hart content.

Cons of being a Freelance Web Designer in Sydney

Larger clients may not find a person – Being a freelancer means you don’t need to always have the means to present yourself to larger clients. You may not be able to get your site ranking against the larger players, or else you can’t afford to go for the presentation. Quite a few larger businesses may be concerned in employing a freelance web designer. This is because there is no security and they would be having a risk when employing you – you could just up-and-leave half way through the project or (touch wood! ) get hit by a bus and the client would be stuck with half a website.

You need to manage yourself – Not all web designers have experience within management. Even if it is only handling yourself. There are many aspect you need to consider as a freelance web designer, other than just designing websites. Most of us would like to only worry about what concept we are going to choose or which colour scheme and imagery we are going to use but , unfortunately there exists a lot more to running your own freelancer business! Managing yourself involves:

Taking care of your own accounts. i. e invoicing, paying bills, paying tax… Not all of us can handle this at first, as we’re not accountants. One thing I would suggest is utilise the services of a bookkeeper. There are also some websites and programs out there which can manage billing for you.
Liaising with clients. As a freelancer you don’t have the luxury of an account manager or art director dealing with customers. You need to keep your clients up-to-date all the time and this includes chasing up bills.
Managing your time. You need to keep track of how much time you are spending on projects. This is very important – you may have quoted for thirty-two hours work but if the job goes 48 hours, you’re cutting your self short. You also need to make sure you are divorce your time evenly between projects. Really OK if you’re only working on two, three or four jobs but if you are focusing on ten, fifteen or twenty, you might have trouble.
You work in a solitary atmosphere – This does not always have to be the situation. There are shared offices around where one can rent a desk or little room. However , most freelance web-site designers will probably work from home by themselves. That may sound good but it can get lonely. Not just that, you don’t have anybody to reflect tips off or help you with the workload.

You need to find your own work – This is crucial. If you have worked in a web design agency or studio before, you would have been given a brief by the art director, account manager or sales team. When working for yourself, like a freelance web designer, you need to find you own work. Even if you’re busy focusing on lots of well paying jobs at the moment, you still need to be thinking about three to six months down the track. This also crosses over with your time management – you will need to factor in time to your timetable to look for more work.

Overall, as being a freelance web designer in Sydney can be a very rewarding job, both economically and for your lifestyle. As long as you have plans in place to manage the negatives, the pros much outweigh the cons.

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