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Photo Booth Rentals As Experience Marketing

Photo Booth Rentals are a great way to market to your customers.

If you are one of the vast amount of people out there looking for an easy, quick, manageable way to give a memorable experience and fun keepsake at a trade show, launch party, celebration, or other special event- then consider the benefits of renting a photo booth or creating another fun photo experience.

There are companies that specialize in keepsake photography services at a number of special events across the western US. They are familiar with the benefits of experience marketing and can create a campaign that will compliment any marketing plan.

The benefits of using instant photo solutions like Photo Booths, on site photo printing, or photo flip books to promote a service, item, strengthen a brand, or simply create a memory are huge.

Picture this- (no pun intended…
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) Your prospective customer is in front of you, and you have the opportunity to have them take a picture in front of any background you want, which you and to them and they keep for years. Do you see the potential?

Here are just a couple basic examples of ways Photo Booths and instant photo solutions have been utilized to assist experience marketing programs:

Client Appreciation Events – when it is time to say thank you to your clients, you want to throw a memorable event. Adding a photo experience to any event is easy. They can be customized to fit any theme. If you are planning a pirate themed event, a custom photo station set up with piratey props, and a custom backdrop, or even a live pirate character to pose with will draw interest. Your customer will then take home a pirate picture of themselves and every time they look at it will remember your event.

Fairs/Festivals/Trade shows – Make your booth stand out, and give your prospective customers a keepsake that they will hold onto. A photobooth has a draw to it that is almost impossible for many people to resist. Photo booth rentals and all instant photo services can be customized. Every photo that prints out can include you name, logo, or website…

Any photograph that is taken can be printed with a logo, or presented in a frame or with a custom cover. Backdrops can be customized to include anything you want. Truly- experience marketing that works can be found in instant photo services!

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