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Would you Wish to Open a Fashion Shop? Start by Taking These Steps

Realize that fashion is fast

The first suggestion is that fashion changes fast each season and new stock must be moved in or your shop will be seen as out of date and product sales will rapidly decline.

This means continuous advertising and sales promotions will have to be planned for in your sales predictions.

It is all about size, depth plus range

Successful fashion stores understand that you will need to stock each item in a range of sizes, colours and styles to get any chance of making sales. This implies for each product you wish to sell, you will need at least five different sizes, with 3-5 different colours, and all within 2-3 different styles.
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You will need to shelve or even display over 30-45 separate items for each single piece of clothing you wish to sell.

Floorspace is a good measure of the cost of clothing

In retail leasing each square meter of floor includes a cost that needs to be recovered by offering stock. This means that cheap clothing will have to take up more space to make the same rent that more expensive products make. This naturally means that inexpensive clothing stores cram as much stock into their store, while the expensive shops have room for space and polished floorboards.

Changing rooms pull in the money

You need to have a changing space or two as this is where you will make most of your sales. In fact more than 26% of your sales will come from your changing room sales processes.

Bear in mind and control your old stock

With each slow down in fashion tastes you will end up with significant stock still left to try and sell. You will be unable to sell old fashion stock after a specific time as it will:

turn your brand into a discount sales store
increase the expectation to wait for your selling days instead of paying full price
eat up your stock costs and reduce the space you have to sell new items
increase your advertising and promotion costs to move it all quickly

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