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Easy Tips on How to Keep a Clean Home

A person either enjoy housework or you avoid. For most people it is a chore that has to become done at least on a weekly basis. You can attempt to make these tasks more enjoyable by following our easy tips about how to keep a clean house.

There are several ways you can go about keeping your house thoroughly clean. You can delegate one day a week in order to cleaning or you can make up a plan and do one or two things a day.
Here is a simple cleaning routine which will explain to you how to keep a clean home with a routine.

Monday – The actual laundry and perform a quick tidy up
Tuesday – Clean all your bathrooms
Wednesday – Wash all of your floors
Thursday – Dust all of surfaces and empty garbage containers
Friday – Vacuum the house for your weekend
Sat/Sun – here that you can do one large chore like cleaning windows or cleaning up the basement. Enlist other family members for help.

This basic routine shows you how to help keep a clean house regularly. Of course this depends on your schedule and whether you have children around in the daytime or not.

Other easy tips on how to maintain a clean house involve obtaining other family members to help out. This could consist of making each person responsible for a single task. One person empties the trash. Another makes sure all the dishes plus glasses are put into the dishwasher before going to bed. Each child must clean their own room plus help you when it comes time to change bedsheets and vacuum etc .

Performing these tips takes the burden of house work off of one person and makes cleaning the house a family affair.
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Why not? In the end everyone uses the house, why should only one person clean it?

Additional ways on how to keep a clean home include cleaning out the garage and basement at least once a year. It is surprising how much junk you can keep or even collect over the space of a year. Go through these less used rooms and discard anything that hasn’t been handled in months. This would include playthings or old tools that you kept, just in case.

When you have cleaned out your home and have plenty of unwanted items you can have a garage sale to get rid of them. Any undesired clothes could be donated to a local charity along with any furniture or even larger items. Many times these charitable organizations will collect items for free, making it the perfect solution on how to keep a clean house and free of mess.

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