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Colostrum: Immune Support From Mothers’ Milk

This particular complex mixture of nutrient-rich growth factors, immunoglobulins, glycoconjugates and a variety of various other important immune boosting compounds is really a natural way to improve your physical into the well-being.

Colostrum is found only in the liquid that comes just before mom’s milk, and provides an ideal combination of immune and growth factors which help in the removal of toxins, while supporting bone tissue, muscle, nerve tissue, and the cartilage health.

The immune factors in colostrum include immunoglobulins, glycoproteins, lactoferrin, lactalbumin, and cytokines, as well as numerous polypeptides, vitamins, and minerals.

Lactoferrin supports red blood cell strength and iron binding capacity, plus immune globulin IgF-1. It also promotes better muscle growth, and aids in the production of healthy immune cells.

Bovine colostrum is an extremely powerful immune system modulator, containing as much as 40 occasions the number of immune factors found in individual colostrum. All cattle involved are isolated and used exclusively for your production of colostrum. None of the particular cattle in the herds have have you been fed any kind of animal protein, and the advanced filtration process used to remove the colostrum fractions eliminates any potential for BSE comtamination.
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