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Use Power Of Mind Disciplines To Speed Up Your Success Development

A great deal of research has been done on the way our mind works in relation to what we achieve in life. There is a strong connection between success development and the way we think. Researchers have found successful people think in a particular way and manage their life better and more effectively than unsuccessful people. This has led them to develop power of mind disciplines to teach others to think in a similar way. These tools are readily available to all of us.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP explores the relationship of how we think, communicate and behave. It helps people unblock the structures of human communications and excellence. People can study and learn how these are related and they can change the way they think and act. They can then adopt new, more successful models of human excellence.

It has been used effectively in all areas of personal development such as business management, sales and sports coaching. It is an effective tool to help you remove barriers and roadblocks that might stand in your way of you own success development. There are a number of books, CDs and online courses you can use. You can employ the services of a NLP coach for faster more effective results.


When we think of hypnosis we can get images of a stage hypnotist or a Svengali type taking control of our minds and having us do things we would not normally do. Just as an aside: hypnotists cannot put us under their influence unless we want that to happen and they cannot make us do things that would go against our normal behaviour.

A Scottish doctor, James Braid in 1841, brought self-hypnosis to light. He employed the same hypnotherapy techniques he used on patients to relieve his own severe rheumatism. Since then, it has been used extensively to relieve many physical and mental ailments.
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Its techniques can be applied to any area of life we want to change and they can be learned by anyone. It is one of the most effective self-help systems we have.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

This is a combination of Western and Eastern medicine. We use the repetitive phrasing of hypnotherapy with the physical connection to the meridians of the body found in Chinese acupuncture. You stimulate energy points in the body by tapping with your fingers while repeating a phrase. Professionals who use it say is quicker than traditional treatment, which can take several sessions with a psychiatrist to get the same results. Many professional believe it is a breakthrough in modern mental treatment.

The great part is, it is something we can all easily learn, it does not cost anything and it is effective. While it was originally used to deal with emotional issues, it is now used to relieve physical pain, overweight and habits such as smoking. It is very effective in helping us to change the way we think and to remove mental barriers to our personal development.

These three disciplines have been proven to be effective in success development. They recognize the fundamental principle that proper use of mind power dictates the results we get in life. They can be an effective form of self-help, but NLP is more difficult and works better with a professional. However, it is easy to learn the basics of self-hypnosis and EFT and they work very well together.

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